Every student wants to be in good books of the teacher and desires that the teacher always gives his example to other students. Some students are not the toppers and think that the teacher only admires the toppers and high achievers. But here they might be wrong. Although teachers always remember the name of the toppers, they also want those students part of their class who have some hidden skills and qualities and are always hard working. But if you are a hardworking student and are still not able to grasp the attention of your teacher towards your hard work or struggle related to studies then this article by a coursework writing service is here to provide you with some tips that will definitely help you to be a favourite student of your teacher.

Complete Your Homework and Assignments On Time:

Teachers always admire those students who complete their homework and assignments on time. When you complete and submit your homework and assignments on time this shows that you are interested in your studies and care about your grades. Although many students don’t like to do homework and consider them tough they are necessary as when you complete your homework on time you better understand what is taught in lectures and get confidence to sit in class.

Be On-Time In Class:

​Latecomers are always on the hit list of teachers because late comers not only break the tempo of the class but also the tempo of the teachers. When you are on time you look at more disciplines, are well mannered, give importance to your studies and lectures and respect your teacher. When you come late to the class it takes you more time to understand what the teacher is actually talking about and what the discussion is going about and above all you always have to request the fellow students to give you the notes of missing lectures.

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Be Attentive During the Lecture:

Listen attentively to your teacher and always take notes of the lecture. Keep yourself engaged in class by asking the question and answering the question asked by the teacher. Don’t use your cell phones during lectures. Participate in actively in-class activities. Some students are really hardworking and intelligent and always know the answer to teachers’ questions but they are very shy and quiet and introverted to participate in class due to which they get noticed by the teacher. So if you want your teacher to notice your skills, abilities and intelligence and appreciate your hard work then you have to show it up. Don’t be afraid or confused. When teachers are delivering the lecture they expect their students to participate by asking questions and bring creativity in class discussions by thinking outside the box. Teachers totally dislike it when they ask a question and students keep sitting like an idol in silence waiting for someone else to answer.

Be Prepared for Lectures and Tests:

If you ask a teacher about the type of students they like to teach, they might wonder by answering that they love to teach those students who come prepared for their lectures and tests. For example, if at the end of the lecture you science teacher told you that in next lecture she will teach you about the classification of plants then you must read your book or get help from the internet for gathering some interesting information about the classification of plants or just give a read to the chapter and write down the questions that may come up in your mind.  In the next lecture when you ask the teacher those questions or share the searched information you would not only surprise your teacher but this will also build your good image in the teacher’s mind.

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Give Some Consideration to Your Teacher:

Give respect to your teachers. A teacher is a person who spends his energies shaping your future. Be polite to them, show courtesy and humbleness.

Work Hard and Don’t Be Lazy At All:

You might have seen that your lazy class fellows are always trouble for teachers. Teachers mostly get stressed when they have to deal with lazy students. It is very obvious that lazy students are the ones that teachers don’t like and hardworking students are those which are always in the good books of the teachers. Teachers always love to talk about and listen to their hardworking students. They want to quote examples of their hardworking students in front of others. If you are not among those students who always score high and top in class that doesn’t mean that your teacher will ignore you. You can still impress your teacher by showing the hard work and your efforts in improving your grades.