Developing writing and reading skills of the children can be uncomplicated through the advanced method. Doing different activities with your children can promote their literacy development. Follow the innovative steps that are given below for PreK-2 literacy development.


Read loudly

Read loudly about what you are reading in front of your children. In this way, children will become accustomed to the reading sound and pronunciation. Your language and tone will offer deep understanding and will develop hearing skills of your child


Share Stories At Mealtime

In order to develop literacy skills in PreK-2 children; you should share your personal stories. However, stories should be interesting and about technology. By listening to your stories, children will able to improve their vocabulary. As we know that oral stories are bridge than written stories.


Use Mr. Potato Head To Teach The Five Senses

Mr. Potato is the funniest and easiest way to enhance the students learning skills. It is also memorable to emphasize the five senses of the students. By using this useful app, children will learn what is the significance of our five senses and how we can them better in life.


Build An Abacus

By building an abacus, children will learn how to count and learn new things. This abacus can be filled by patterns and you should help your children to full them according to the alphabetic rules. Preparing and imagination tree are also extremely beneficial that students’ parents should apply. Along with that, you can try rainbow retelling, creating math tubs and covering your easel.


Play Rhyming Games

In order to give phonemic awareness and develop their literacy skills, you should play rhyming games with them. Although, this is an interesting and funny way of learning, yet it will grab the attention of your children. Always be attentive and engaged with your children and communicate different things with your children.


Talk About Their Experience

Modern research has shown that children oral’ language and their own experience about different words support their literacy development. Therefore, you should talk about their activities. Ask them what they have done, read, heard or seen all day.

Along with that, record the stories and experience that your child is speaking. After then replay it and write it word to word. In this way, the child will know the difference and method of written and spoken.


Guide Literary In Your Children-Play

For example, you are playing spelling games with your children, so, you should guide your children in throughout the game. Give them instructions and ask them to follow for winning the game. Use text in the pretend games such as giving menu for pizza and selection the words for it. In this way, your children will learn many new words that they have to use in their future life.


Books, Books And Books

Having durable boards books are very beneficial to develop children literacy skills. There are hundreds of babies and toddlers books which are enriched with animal faces and symbols. Ask the children to identify different animals and objects. For example, you can ask where the baby is. Where is the cat? Where is glass? By progressing these books use rhyming language and ask the name of these objects. After that, you can ask to write and tell the spelling of animal names as well as objects names. This method will be more beneficial and advanced to enhance the comprehensive level of the children.


Involve Your Children In Literacy Activities That You Use

We do many literary activities in the day; therefore, you should use your children in these activities in order to increase their literacy development. For example, you are creating a shopping list or sending-e-cards; ask help to your children to tell you the name. On the other side, you are going to participate in a party, on your map and tell your children how you will find the house of your friend. If you are using a laptop, you should tell your children how you make words by using a pattern.


Use A Master Copy Binder

As we know that Prek-2 student doesn’t know how to grip the pencil in the right way. Therefore, you should use them different tricks to teach them pencil grip. If they will grip the pencil in the right way then they will able to write fluently in the future. Along with that, you should use a master copy binder, because, it will not fill the worksheet that you use every day. Master copy binder takes less room and keeps bind to your children work.


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