How to Write Case StudyA case study is usually written in the life sciences and social sciences. It is an essential type of research method in which we conduct in-depth and detailed research about a topic. While writing a case study, we have to keep in mind some contextual conditions. To write a case study, we have to follow a formal research method. It is also a real-life context that investigates a particular phenomenon. There requires quantitative evidence to write a case study. Here, experts in cheap assignment writing services will provide some essential tips to write and present a case study.

Types of case study

There are various types of case studies and these case studies are different from each other on the basis of the hypothesis. There is a possibility that some points of two case studies may overlap each other. Some essential types of case studies are given below;

  • Explanatory

Sometimes, we are asked to provide an explanation for a question. In order to provide an explanation for this question, we have to write an explanatory case study. While writing and presenting an explanatory case study, we have to interpret the variables and variances.

  • Exploratory

During the academic career, the students have to write some large scale research projects. The main aim of the case study in these large scale research projects is to investigate the further investigation which is required for this case study. While writing such a case study, it is necessary for the students to take an overview of different aspects of the topic.

  • Collective studies

There is also a possibility that we have to write a case study on multiple events. This is known as collective studies. This kind of case study requires some further information about these events. This kind of case study is also helpful to us to uncover the differences between these subjects.

  • Intrinsic

An intrinsic case study is also an essential type of case study. In this type of case study, the students have to show their interest in the subject. Along with their interests, it is also necessary for them to take care of the interests of the audience.

  • Instrumental

In this essential type of a case study, the students try to gain in-depth knowledge about a particular subject. With the help of instrumental case study, the students try to get an idea about the relationship between two variables.

Case study research design and methods

After clearly understanding the difference between different types of case studies, we should try to adopt some essential tips and techniques to design a case study. These tips are given below;

  • First, the students should try to select the best case study subject. A case study subject should be supported with the help of measurable results and client problems.
  • Secondly, students should try to gather enough information. This is possible only if the students try to gather the information by preparing an effective plan and outline
  • The students should also try to write a case study with the help of a narrative that is easily memorable for the audience.
  • The students should also try to design the case study in such a way that is enough appealing for the audience members.
  • After completing the case study writing process, the students should try to proofread and edit it in order to remove all the mistakes from it.

An example of a case study

Many studies use a structured approach to write a case study. A case study should be short and to the point. The main components of a case study are an introduction, challenge, solution, benefit and result. An example of a customer case study of Pioneer Business System is explained below;

“Nowadays, most of the people in the world are watching Facebook and Youtube videos. It is estimated that more than 45% of people are spending at least one hour in watching Facebook and Youtube videos. Therefore, it is a better way to attract more and more customers by uploading videos on Facebook and Youtube rather than sharing content on different sites. Moreover, with the help of a video, it is also easy for an employer to convey the emotions of the customers. The effects of the products of a company can also be seen practising with the help of videos. According to experts, it is also necessary for us to break these videos into some sections.”

In the above case study example, we can see that all the components of a case study are clearly explained.