To write a masters dissertation, you will have to establish new arguments, facts, and evidence. This is possible only if you conduct an effective research. A systematic process in which we investigate different resources in order to gather the data and facts about a specific topic is known as research. Desk research is an important form of research. Desk research is the name of such process in which we gather and analyze such information that is available on the internet. This information can be in the printed form or published form. If you are not able to conduct desk research to gather the data for your master’s dissertation, then you can get help from experts in the dissertation writing services. The most important tips to gather relevant information while conducting desk research are given below;

  • Identify information that supports your thesis

Before going to commence the master’s dissertation writing task, you will have to formulate a thesis statement. This thesis statement presents all the ideas and information that is relevant to the main theme of your dissertation. Therefore, if you want to gather relevant information while conducting desk research, then you should keep in mind thesis statement and try to gather such information that supports your thesis statement. There is no need to gather such information that doesn’t support your thesis statement.

  • Find connections between your sources

No doubt, while conducting desk research, you will have to gather ideas and information from different resources. You should try to gather ideas, information, and facts from those sources that have a solid connection with the main theme of your dissertation. Try to gather information from such a source that provides information about a specific or particular idea rather than multi ideas. You should also try to take an overview of the references section of these resources. The best and authentic resource use references for scholarly books and articles.

  • Synthesize and organize information

Most of the students try to present the information in a master’s dissertation without synthesizing it. Due to this reason, there is a possibility that they will include some irrelevant data in a dissertation. Therefore, synthesizing and organizing are two essential processes to save a masters dissertation from irrelevant information. This synthesizes and organization of the data provide a chance to the students to address only major ideas during desk research, to find such ideas that are easy to explain in a dissertation and to organize all the information in a coherent way.

  • Use your research questions to synthesize information

The first step to write a masters dissertation is to make a list of the research questions that are relevant to the main theme of your dissertation. During the synthesizing process, the students should try to synthesize that information by comparing it with the research questions of the dissertation. After synthesizing the information, you can easily sort out that information that is irrelevant. You should also make sure that you can easily provide the answers to these research questions by gathering relevant information only.