James Bond is the hero of Ian Fleming’s very famous fictional character, who is an intelligence officer in the British Secret Service. James Bond is also very well known as his code number 007 as he was a royal naval reserve commander. Since the first James Bond film was released, the viewers have been enjoying a parade of latest and most innovative gadgets that add more action and more to the series. No idea is too small or too simple for the department to try out and these gadgets are what makes James Bond a success at what he does, impressing the girls and eliminating the enemies.


Told by an essay writing service, it would not be wrong to say that James Bond has been the most adapted and popular character that has been used in television, radio, comic strips and video games too along with the films. The James Bond films are the longest running series of all times and have made more than $7.040 million in all, which makes it the sixth highest grossing film series till now. Since it all started in 1962, the character of James bond has only become more firmly etched in the minds and hearts of people due to its storyline, action and the way technology has been used in the films.


Since its first film Dr. No was released; gadgets have played a major role in almost every scene and helped to make the film more interesting and more entertaining. There was no idea that was too tough for Bond to try from decapitating tea trays to steel teeth and ski pole gun to TV watch which were absolutely amazing. These gadgets helped Bond to keep up with the villains who were all armed tried their best to defeat him and must have given some great ideas to the brains behind the technology these days.


Remote control BMW:

This gadget was used in the film Goldeneye; Sony’s mobile phone could do a lot of things in reality but in this film it could also remotely drive a BMW which is perhaps the coolest thing to be seen yet. When this was shown in the film, no one had thought this would become a reality but technology has made it possible now.  Driving around a car park in a high speed chase was something that could only happen in a bond movie.


X-Ray Sunglasses Again:

These x-ray glasses were used in the film The World Is Not Enough and once in place, they allowed Bond to check for any concealed weapons on his enemies. This was something that people enjoyed a lot and hoped they could get as it not gave them a chance to see what artillery other people were hiding behind their clothing.


Invisible Car:

Bond used this car in the film Die Another Day which was equipped with all the typical gadgets, guns and tricks that can be expected from him. The best feature of this car was that it could become invisible with self-assignment of a cloaking device with press of a small button. This was something that became very popular among the masses as it was a completely novel idea and this was very close to magic that we later saw in the Harry Potter series.


Fancy Defibrillator:

In this movie Casino Royale, Bond used this built-in defibrillator in his old and trusted friend Aston’s glove compartment.  This gadget was something that inspired the medical fraternity a lot as having such a gadget with one means that saving lives could become very easy and every car needs a defibrillator, even if not as fancy as the one used in the movie.


The Wrist Dart Gun:

Used in the film, Moonraker, this wrist dart gun remains out of sight as the hero is wearing a full sleeved shirt and suit. This dart gun proved its effectiveness and was the savior when Bond had to escape from a bad situation.


Archaic Smartwatch:

We saw this gadget in the film The Spy Who Loved Me. Bond does not want to wait for anything like the rest of us for the technology to move forward and get his gadgets and has his special team working round the clock to get the best gadgets for him in 1977.  He has a smartwatch on his wrist on which he can receive and send messages from the lab, at least 30 years before we saw it in the market. The above mentioned are some of the best James Bond gadgets ever for spying as they helped him achieve his missions and beat the villains in the most stylish manner.