If you have submitted your PhD thesis, make sure that you have received an acknowledgement from PG office. It will inform you that your PhD thesis has been received. Follow your email accounts regularly to get the latest update form the postgraduate office. Of course, the whole writing and researching process was too much traumatic. After submission of the PhD thesis, you must follow some steps that are given below by a thesis writing service:

Errata List

After thesis submission, check the errata list continually. An errata list is a catalogue of formal mistakes that students can correct between the dates of the final version. So, don’t forget to visit these lists. This is a bright opportunity to reduce all short mistakes that you have made in your thesis.

Approved Thesis

After submitting your PhD thesis, make sure it has been approved or received. The next thing that you can do is the defence of your PhD thesis. You will be allowed two months for approving and defending your thesis. You should be prepared for thesis defence after submitting your thesis.

Trail Lecture And Disputations

The trial lecture held after the submission of the PhD thesis. The basic aim of the trial lecture is to test you beyond your topic and knowledge. Teachers try to acquire complete information about your knowledge and skills. Attend doctor dinner after defending your PhD thesis.  Make sure that you have defended your thesis and followed the rules of publishing it. If your university has a rule of doctoral award ceremony then you must attend in order to receive a degree from NTNU. If you are thinking that what you should do after submission of PhD thesis and fulfilling essential steps after the submission process, we are presenting some unique ideas that you can apply to spend your leisure time.

Visit A Historical Place

The best idea to spend your time after submission PhD thesis is visiting a historical place. Every city has a unique history; therefore, you should visit this historical place. It is a fact that you would be a lot of busy in the process of researching and writing, yet, it is good time to fulfill all your ambitions and visiting the historical place that you ever wished. An additional benefit of visiting these historical places is getting a lot of knowledge about your history that you often get from different academic report writing services.

Join Communications Skills Courses

Although, you have conducted a lot of research and collected good material for your thesis, yet, you need to join communications skills for polishing your previous knowledge. After the thesis submission, you can join any online course. For example, you can join the communications skills courses. After writing a PhD thesis, your mind will be relaxed and stress-free and you are prepared for becoming more productive. Joining communications skills will improve your vocabulary and you can become a good lecturer in the future. It does not matter which field you will select in the future, yet having good communication skills will be more beneficial and productive. There are many organizations that improve students’ skills by learning them online. You can join them for polishing your hidden abilities.

Get A Second Time Job

After submitting your PhD thesis, you might think about what should do now. After submitting your PhD thesis, you can do a part-time job. Getting a part-time job can increase your money and you can spend your time bitterly. After achieving a second-time job, you can gain experience in life. Every big industry requires experience and knowledge to form an employee. So this experience can be beneficial and useful after completing your education.  PhD thesis is an extensive piece of writing written by students in order to earn a doctoral degree. Due to its high degree, writing a PhD thesis is intimidating and complicated task. So, don’t feel the pressure and stress of PhD thesis writing, just do practical work and gain experience in life.

Taught To The Children

Another best thing that you can do is teaching to the little children. There are many organizations and institutes that need for educated people. You can join these academies and teach to the children. According to modern research, teaching is the best method to learn new things in life. Therefore, you should join any institute in order to learn new things. You are fresh students who have submitted his PhD thesis after long time struggle. Now, it’s a perfect time to use this knowledge and improve it in a unique manner, so adopt this useful habit.