Diet has the utmost importance regarding the health of a person. Over-eating and eating such food which is low in fibre and high in sugar is known as a poor diet. There are also high fats and salts in poor diet. Poor diet is also known as poor nutrition. Heart diseases and obesity are some common effects of poor diet. Poor diet can also disturb the quality of sleep of a person. To write an assignment about the long-term effects of poor diet, you can get help from experts in PhD dissertation writing services. Some essential long term effects of poor diet are given below;

  • Obesity

According to a survey of the National Center for Health Statistics, due to poor nutrition or diet, almost 65% of adults gain more weight. The people whose weight is above 25 BMI are known as obsessing or overweight. Obesity can become a cause of lots of disorders in our body. Some of these disorders are life-threatening.

  • Hypertension

According to the report of the National Institute of Health, hypertension is also a possible outcome of a poor diet. Hypertension is also known as blood pressure and blood pressure or hypertension can act as a silent killer. Its reason is that most of the people are not able to recognize this disease and it can damage our body. The main causes of this disease are to eat too much junk food, to eat salty foods and to eat dairy products.

  • High cholesterol and heart disease

High cholesterol is the main contributor to heart disease. According to research, a poor diet can also become a cause of high cholesterol. In the US and Canada, most of the people eat fatty diet and more than 500,000 people die due to heart diseases which are caused by poor diet. There is a huge amount of saturated fat is found in the high cholesterol foods. The main examples of these foods are ice creams, cheese and butter etc.

  • Diabetes

There is also a link of poor diet with poor nutrition. If a person consumes a fat-laden diet, this fat-laden diet leads to weight gain. According to the survey of National Institute of Health, almost 8% of the American population is facing diabetes due to the fat-laden diet.

  • Stroke

The poor nutrition can also become a cause of stroke. Due to poor nutrition, some plaques are formed and these plaques can affect the transportation of blood in the veins. As a result, there occur brain strokes and these brain strokes can lead towards death. The foods which are high in salt and fat become the cause of these strokes.

  • Cancer

As we know that there are several kinds of cancer and some essential kinds of cancer are caused by a poor diet. The essential types of cancer which are caused by poor diet are bladder and breast cancers. The cancer is a very fatal disease and it can lead a person towards death. One can limit the chances of cancer by eating such food which is free from refined sugars and nitrates.